Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 166


Our subscribers advise that they very much appreciate and have taken advantage of our industry leading forward thinking strategies and how our stock lists are separated into logical groupings including one based on revenue and another that is proprietary in nature. By now you likely have seen our models, strategies, and terms somewhat replicated elsewhere but without the same measure of success – much like someone trying to replicate a secret recipe.

It is great to see others also referring to the industry as a vibrant living ecosystem that is constantly undergoing changes (Ecoforming) because it is the purest way to framework the industry. A relatively new source to depict the Canadian Industry in logical groupings (that in turn may assist with investment decisions) is at the newly created Canadian Greenscape. I contacted them directly to ensure inclusion on their infographic was not paid marketing of any sort and they confirmed that it was not. On their homepage is a familiar description to our readers: “the legal Canadian cannabis industry is an ever evolving, multifaceted, and interconnected ecosystem. We have attempted to capture this complex picture...”

Being a leading source for information and strategies has always been your advantage to subscribing. You are also constantly cautioned about using social media and bullboard characters for stock advice and to at least be skeptical when considering acting on material by paid promoters. This month, I looked at the requests for topics that I received and the most common is the concern that this industry is another waiting to burst and could there be companies that are scams. Before we get to that question, the second most asked question – what threat does home growing pose to the legal industry?

Weedman character was created and is the sole property of and owned by Chloë Kyron. All rights reserved. The image including any likeness cannot be used in any manner without the expressed written consent by Chloë Kyron.

Any company referenced is purely for discussion purposes and not intended as a recommendation.

Louis Kyron, CPA, CGA