Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 154

I. Northwest Pitch Events

CIN’s group pitch events are held frequently in Seattle and Portland and are designed for cannabis companies seeking anywhere from $500,000 to $3M in private investment. Each event features three companies looking for angel investment and each is given approximately ten minutes to make their pitch and five minutes to answer questions from the 40-60 angels in attendance. Each investor chooses to participate on a deal-by-deal basis.

II. Solo Pitch Events

For companies requiring up to $3M in growth capital, this CIN forum puts one company in front of a smaller group of 5-to-10 angel investors. Tapping into the Northwest’s robust angel investment community, CIN’s Solo Pitch events run 90-minutes and are hosted in an intimate dinner setting conducive to in-depth conversations and Q&A.

III. Wealth Management Group Pitch Conferences

In partnership with a highly respected, global consortium of more than 600 family offices representing over $300 billion under management, CIN brings cannabis companies seeking to raise from $5M to $200M to the attention of prominent private wealth management advisors serving ultra-high-net-worth investors across the Eastern Seaboard, the Midwest and Texas. Attended by anywhere from 125 to 250 angel investors, these Group Pitch Conferences feature a prominent keynote financier and 20-30 minute pitches by several companies representing a variety of sectors. CIN provides due diligence and pitch coaching to any cannabis company chosen to present at these gatherings of $10M+ high net worth investors.