Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 153


As cannabis takes its legitimate place in the finance and investment markets, the Cannabis Investment Network is uniquely positioned to help investors capitalize on the industry’s unprecedented growth and profit potential.

The CIN model introduces qualified high net worth individuals to early-stage cannabis-related businesses with solid profit potential. With access to funding the top deficit for all but a small handful of cannabis companies, CIN’s goal is to provide a gateway to solid market returns for investors by providing a suite of investment platforms designed to help the industry’s growing class of entrepreneurs succeed. CIN’s executive team vets all presenting companies during a rigorous due diligence process, and offers several distinct forums to connect promising cannabis companies with accredited investors seeking to participate in the industry. CIN also offers M&A services, as well as corporate sponsorship packages for ancillary and services companies looking to tap into the cannabis community.

“I view cannabis as an exceptional ground-floor investment opportunity. The shift in public opinion of legal marijuana, and the number of states that are benefiting from these new revenue and tax streams, is unprecedented. I believe the return on early stage investments has significant potential.” Mark L. Bonyhadi, PhD, Investor and CIN Scientific Advisory Board Member