Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 144

Louis Kyron: CCIM

David E. Argudo: HC


CCIM: Building off of a previous question with respect to tenets of investing. Another one is the public float of shares outstanding and a company’s market cap. According to your site, HC currently has 28.8-million shares issued and outstanding (about another 12-million potentially from warrants) and a market cap of CAD$10.5-million based on the share price at time of writing ($0.365). What percentage of shares are owned by insiders and is the current market cap fair?

HC: The current management ownership is approx. ~10% The current market cap for the company is little under-valued given other companies in the sector that are seeing three or four times multiple. That said, the company raised $5.6M Cdn in August and commenced trading September 15th, 2017 opening at $0.50 (same price as issue) and has seen downward pressure in the stock. The lack of news flow has hurt the market price but the company is confident with various initiatives in the process, we will unlock that value for our shareholders.

CCIM: I will say I think you did a good job already but here is your moment to succinctly answer the question on every Retail Investor’s mind where a company such as HC fits their risk profile and appetite … Why invest in High Hampton?

HC: Great question and I would simply say HC is an early stage growth company looking to execute on the consolidation of the cannabis sector in California. Once we have achieved this goal, the company will duplicate this in other jurisdictions in the States and more importantly GLOBALLY! Given the strength of the our management and capital markets team we feel we have a leg up on the competition and will continue to create shareholder value