Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine November 2017 - Page 140


As with all of our Q&A sessions, we were not approached or requested to undertake the Q&A but rather we approach those companies that we feel the timing is right. No compensation of any kind or in any form is every offered, requested, expected, or received.

CCIM: Before we get started, for a good backgrounder I

highly recommend that our readers download your

corporate presentation as well as your August 9th news release related to acquisition of Coachellagro Corp.

CCIM: Good afternoon, and thank for you this opportunity to bring our subscribers up to speed on HC.

HC: Thank you for the opportunity to have High Hampton participate in this Q&A session and answer some questions that your investors and subscribers might have. Questions such as, why invest in High Hampton which is doing business in a potentially complex environment?

CCIM: Indeed. There has been a heightened concern amongst Retail Investors with respect to investing in Canadian listed companies with US operations. HC is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange. What words of comfort can you offer to those that want to invest in HC either now on secondary markets or perhaps in a future private placement?

HC: High Hampton has methodically approached the investment opportunity in California by separating risks associated with investing in Cannabis. One way we have accomplished this is by separating the different layers of opportunities within the industry and focusing on those with less risk. Another approach is by investing in real estate that is commercially zoned for cannabis. A third approach is that we focus in areas that focus on medical use only, which we feel is less risky being that California has had medical for over 20 years now. Also, we provide an experienced management grow component that will manage the license holders grows thus creating multiple revenue streams without owning any

Louis Kyron: CCIM

David E. Argudo: HC