Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 67



Ever wonder if those delicious-looking cookies on Instagram and Pinterest actually taste good? I once bought the most gorgeous cookie I’ve ever seen, with such unique detailing that it looked like a photograph. I took one bite and wanted to spit it out. The taste didn’t match the advertised product.

For years, edibles have had a bad reputation when it comes to taste – manufacturers couldn’t find a way to make a product at a reasonable price, consistently, with a great taste. The types of products you saw in stores were like eating a piece of chocolate that had cannabis added to them as an afterthought – not the immersive experience you’d expect when biting into what should be the two best things in the world: chocolate and cannabis.

Thankfully, those days are over. Now, there are a variety of edibles on the market that not only look good, they taste good too.

If edible manufacturers can tackle these three biggest challenges – overconsumption, quality and taste – they’ll succeed in this booming industry and bring edibles to a whole new high (pun intended).

Written by Vicky Tobianah, Plexus Cybermedia