Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 56


While at O’Cannibiz in Toronto on April 22, an investor stated that CANNAINVESTOR Magazine is the Gold Standard for all relevant aspects of investing and news/information in the industry and that we are the “black belt” of the field. Personally, I would rather think of us as the Green Standard! What struck me most about this encounter was not the kind words but rather that this individual did their due diligence rather than blindly following, as far too many appear to do, social media and investment board platforms. All financial reporting, analysis and therefore projections are products of accounting. Online searches show that the CPA designation is often referred to as the “black belt of accounting”. Always know the credentials of those you use for advice and always check if an article about a company is truly that or if the company is a paid “sponsor” or client.

To end where we began, Canada is indeed becoming the “epicentre of one of the fastest growing and extremely profitable industries in the world” and Health Canada is ensuring Canada stays on course with rigorous random testing and this is an excellent summary of the proposed legislation. You likely heard recently how there are now more senior citizens in Canada than children – Seniors are turning to Cannabis for relief! A new multi-billion dollar industry that is well suited for Canada’s aging population – the fundamentals speak volumes about the potential.

Is this industry ideal for the prepared Retail Investor?

You decide.

Louis Kyron, CPA, CGA

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