Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 51


The previously referenced white paper from Tantalus Labs speaks to this very issue of greenhouse production of Cannabis on Agricultural land.

One company is growing cannabis using aquaponics. According to Green Relief’s website they are:

“the only medical cannabis provider in the world that’s producing by way of aquaponics, considered the most innovative and sustainable form of agriculture … Aquaponics combines the best attributes of aquaculture and hydroponics, without the need to discard water or add chemical fertilizers. It produces 10 times the crop yield per acre and uses 90% less water than conventional farming …means you’ll get a product that’s even healthier than organic, in its most natural form possible”.

This video clip details how Green Relief is making cannabis using tilapia and kale! But more impressive is that they expect to be able to produce cannabis for under $0.80 per gram. Green Relief has a cultivation and sales license and as per their May 1st statement distributed by email: “Today is an exciting day for us! After recently receiving our sales license, today marks our first day of officially accepting patients” and “View our strains”. With only 2.6% of applications to date approved – Green Relief is an LP, has product for sale, is accepting patients, and is accepting investors. Nuff said!


Less than a year ago an Investment Advisor told a friend of mine to not consider this industry. A few months ago I was told directly by an Investment Advisor that their firm had no interest in even discussing the sector and a recent article echoes this sentiment still held by some. In April, I was approached for advice because of calls from Investment Advisors stating to look at investing in this industry. Companies are opening in Canada due to its hospitable environment and access to national stock exchanges as reported in a recent Bloomberg article. International companies (and therefore capital) coming to Canada along with the fundamental change in perspective that is happening right now amongst paid Investment Advisors are examples of Ecoforming – and that is the CANNAINVESTOR Advantage because companies such as Aphria Inc and Canopy Growth Corporation were case studies and on the Top Stock lists months before their graduation to the TSX or the launch of HMMJ. APH and WEED also have reported positive EBITDA. Still not convinced? When Canadian post-secondary institutions start to offer programs to serve this industry, it truly just may be the

dawn of the first new multi-billion dollar industry in generations.