Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 44

The road to legalisation is now in front of us and Canada is already being referred to as becoming the “epicentre of one of the fastest growing and extremely profitable industries in the world”. Harvest One Cannabisl Inc’s landing page says it all: “Prohibition is Over”. All blue underlined words in all articles contain links so just click them!

Proposed Legislation Issues In Limbo MJ Boosts Innovation Why Canada Made MJ Illegal

Impaired Driving Law Changes MACLEANS’s Magazine Canada to be World’s Leader

Canada’s Producers Gear Up Sales to be Unbelievably High Will Change the Workplace

Canada is the first G7 nation to propose a formal end to the prohibition of cannabis (and the second country after Uruguay). The Top Stock Picks, Stocks To Watch list, and past articles are filled with excellent Canadian companies for consideration. The focus of stock promoters, penny stock ‘pushers’, and others appears to be now on Canada which is why you need to vet your sources to ensure you are accessing credible, relevant, timely, and value added information. Articles such as

Big Investors are circulating and will only intensify the interest in Canadian companies – note at the top it clearly states that it is a “sponsored article”. CANNAINVESTOR Magazine attempts to filter out the noise for our stakeholders because being the leader and not a follower has always been the CANNAINVESTOR Advantage to investors and businesses.


A good investment to consider is the Horizon’s Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF.