Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 40


Q) Some of your existing holdings pay dividends (namely, Scott's Miracle-Gro). Are dividends redistributed to unit holders or retained for use by the fund?

A) There is no plan to have dividends paid out on regular basis to investors. It’s possible there could be an end-of-year dividend distribution to unit holders. The ETF will distribute any net income in order to ensure it is not subject to taxation.

Q) I am often asked by investors if I were to recommend one investment, what would it be. So let me spin that and ask you: Why HMMJ over other options?

A) It’s a low-cost, diversified and liquid way for investors of all levels to get access to a young, potentially high-growth industry. For investors who are excited about the current prospects for this industry and don’t want to pick individual names, we see this as the best option for this exposure.

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