Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 31

The North American Medical Marijuana Index is a market capitalization weighted subset of the growing universe of medical marijuana companies being listed on North American exchanges – currently more than 200 publicly traded companies.

For a security to be eligible for the Index:

•The issuer will generally have a market capitalization of greater than $75 million CAD

•The average monthly daily trading volume will generally be greater than 75,000 shares a day, with a trading value generally greater than $250,000

•The issuer will represent no more than 10% of the Index on each rebalance date

•The North American Medical Marijuana Index is initially expected to include 16 different companies


•Stocks in the Index are rebalanced quarterly on a market-capitalization basis, and capped so that no single stock can exceed 10% of the weight of the Index when rebalanced. Given the relatively high growth of the companies in the universe of marijuana-related stocks, as well as the fact that there could be relatively high degree of consolidation and acquisition in the industry, it’s important to have a relatively frequent rebalancing schedule.

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