Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 201

A partnership between LP, MedReleaf and administrator of group health benefits, Benefits by Design (“BBD”) Inc. has resulted in a medical cannabis-only Health Care Spending Account (“HCSA”), signaling that employee benefits are on the radar of LPs. The HCSA is a “low-cost benefit solution that allows employers to respond to the needs of their staff, encourages use of regulated cannabis to treat conditions (as opposed to unregulated dispensaries), and generally enhance their existing plans to continue to attract and retain the best and brightest3.”

Significant developments in the medical market could lead to an even faster growth of registered patients, which is already growing at an astonishing rate. Many companies and LPs are well-positioned to respond to heightened demand and increase capacity quickly given that they have been preparing themselves for the inevitable legalization of the recreational market. Practically speaking, these developments mean that LPs will be able to service a surge in demand in the medical market while awaiting legalization of the rec market and may mean that there is still plenty of room for growth in share price between now and the recreational market coming online.

3Innovative Partnership connects Canadian employers with medical cannabis,