Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 141

Now that you’ve made all this money what will you do with it??

The world of financial planning is filled with penguins! (I can’t take full credit for this but I agree). Most advisors look the same, sound the same and use the same jargon! How can investors differentiate one from the other!

With so many different acronyms out there you need an advisor who can cut through the noise and help you truly plan for you and your family!

I am a full service, fully independent advisor. I partner with my clients to design and implement their personal financial roadmap, recognizing that each client’s situation is unique and requires customized attention. I have spent over 16 years licensed working within the Canadian Investment Industry. I hold both the Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP) and the Professional Financial Planner Designation (PFP). Working in partnership with Argosy Securities gives me the freedom and flexibility to do what’s right for my clients.

I am VERY excited to be writing for CannaInvestor Magazine Canada and welcome all of your questions! Your questions will form the basis for future articles! Please feel free to contact me at I look forward to writing about Registered Disability Savings Plans, Registered Retirement Savings Plans, Tax Free Savings Accounts and so much more in the next few months!

Jason A. DeJean CFP, PFP, EPC, CPCA

Investment Advisor I Financial Planner