Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 137

Of course, if growing your own becomes a popular alternative to purchasing dry buds, the long-term negative financial impact from seed sales could be significant. Although most see this trend as unlikely. When asked by Global News on how widespread home grows will be, Bruce Linton, CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation, analogizes it to wine sales: “There are always going to be some folks,” Linton says. “But I do find there’s a strong parallel to home wine making — we seem to sell quite a lot of wine in stores.”

Other risks to offering seeds may include the splicing or copying of strains, which companies work hard to build and brand. However, as Jordan Sinclair points out, “from a business perspective, we are selling someone starting material and doing it with expectation that they could have one of those plants in perpetual mom phase. Pragmatically, you’re not just dealing with substitution risk inside the LP world, they can go to black market to find these types of products. But because it’s such a small number of people producing their own plants, it’s not a significant risk compared with the overall supply in the market.”

Bottom line is, purchasing seeds and growing at home is an attractive option for someone wishing to cut on the cost of their medicine in the long run. While there are many risks and aspects of growing to consider and an initial investment to be made, there is ample support from several licensed producers to help you along the way. And solutions such as WeeGro or THC Cultivator by THC Biomed that can ease the potential pains of growing a successful harvest. From an investment perspective, companies offering seed or plants have demonstrated a compassion for their patients offering any assistance and providing the base for those with an interest in home cultivation. Not to mention the potential to lock-in incremental revenue in the process. And depending on how green people’s thumbs are that choose to grow their own, the potential to add additional revenue to its dry and oil product line should harvests prove to be unsuccessful or one just gets lazy and tired of doing it themselves.

I even tried myself to grow some hemp as an experiment, and look how it turned out. My thumb however, is as far away from green as they come.