Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 130

Young plants may need as much as eighteen hours of light a day, so you may be going to your mailbox with that look of dread when that hydro bill sits angelically on top of your junk mail, oh and that’s as your plants just start to grow, which on average take a minimum ninety days or so to fully blossom. Even with good sunlight, lamps will be needed to ensure proper length of photoperiod. Proper fertilization is another consideration, and products such as Zeolite, a high value soil supplement in agricultural application such as those offered by Canadian Zeolite Corporation (TSX.V CNZ; OTCQB:CNZCF; FSE:ZEON) discussed at length in the “From The Retail Investor’s Perspective” article later on in this publication, is an excellent product suited for hemp and cannabis. There must be adequate space and lighting in your home to grow, so be sure to move that dusty treadmill and universal gym from your spare bedroom and into your basement before you get started. You must also have security for your plants and stored marijuana in order to be approved by Health Canada. Some common measures include steel reinforced doors, alarm systems, property fences and the like. Any stored marijuana must be kept in a locked safe or otherwise secure and inaccessible location. Recommended LED lighting is very important too, but could be an important cost consideration as well. Future Farm Technology (CSE:FFT; OTCQB: FFRMF) through their website, for example, recommends a GrowthStar Spider 1x 50W, selling at $124.99 online, and is great for small indoor grows such as starting seedlings. The company’s Growthstar brand of LED lights have been top rated for almost 5 years and its newest COB and MCOB (Chip on Board and Multiple Chips on Board) technologies are proving to be game changers in the world of “LED Grow Lights” with 50% reduction in power use and many other benefits.