Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 128


That being said, there are many challenges ahead for home grows. In Canada, regional and municipal governments also have input to shape laws. It remains to be seen, but municipalities may want to regulate grow at home laws, as scents, conflicts with neighbours, and potential fire hazards are all qualitative risks that may shape the landscape of home grows throughout the country. Not to mention that in some provinces, those selling homes must disclose whether marijuana has been grown on the premises.

For example, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia recommends that selling agents encourage their clients to disclose in writing that a property has been used to grow pot, even if the grow was one of the legal and quite small ones that medical marijuana users are allowed. In Ontario, a seller is free not to mention having grown marijuana, so long as a grow didn’t cause damage that could endanger the buyer.

Thinking of renting a place to grow? You may want to think again. Landlords are adding “no grow” clauses to leases, citing impacts on neighbours, as well as health and safety issues due to potential humidity damage caused by mold and dangers of fire. A recent CTV News article sited the battle already ensuing in Quebec between the Quebec Landlord Association and 710 Compassion Club where landlords becoming concerned with enforcement of regulations and the higher cost of electricity and mold problems due to higher rate of humidity required to grow plants. If you do consider growing at home, it is recommended you check with your local agent or provincial real estate board.

Seeds must be purchased through a licensed producer. In Canada, this includes Canna Farms Ltd., and CannTrust Inc., both privately held, and publicly traded producers MariCann Inc. (CSE: MARI), THC Biomed Ltd. (CSE: THC), Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. and Peace Naturals (21.5% stake and 100% wholly-owned by Cronos Group (CSE: MJN; OTC: PRMCF) respectively). Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) also announced it has begun to sell seeds to registered patients that have been approved for home cultivation.