Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 121

Wrap It Up

I will close out this month’s article by mentioning that there has been a steady influx of new stocks in the cannabis world in the form of licensed producers which might act to temporarily saturate the market as investors pick and choose the companies they like. I will also note that the Canadian stock market as a whole is seriously underperforming global markets and as I write today are desperately close to turning red in 2017. I apologize for attaching a different colored chart here but my BMO trading platform is the only way I can get a chart on the TSX Venture. I figured I’d show you the TSX Index chart in this form as well for consistency. Notice how they are all starting to fall below major moving averages. This is something to keep watch on and consider as we move into the summer months. I do not think our cannabis stocks will be immune to a bearish Canadian Stock Market. As always feel free to follow me on twitter @dyro01676 