Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 11


The launch of the world’s first ETF (HMMJ) along with Aphria’s graduation to the TSX and SL’s conditional approve to uplist to the TSXV speaks volumes and CANNAINVESTOR Magazine has been there every step of the way.

I attended O’Cannabiz and will be attending Cannabis Life and The Lift Expo both of which are in May and in Toronto – hope to see some of you there as there is no better opportunity for the typical retail investor to engage CEO’s, top management, industry professionals, and likeminded investors one on one. It is uniquely invaluable.

The Top 30 Stock List and The Stocks To Watch list are often used by investors to short list companies under consideration or some other type of checklist. That is there intended use – as a tool only. A lot can happen between issues of CANNIVESTOR Magazine due to the fact that Ecoforming changes this vibrant ecosystem on a dime – what may show as a lower rated company today could be a top performer (share price) before the next issue.

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CANNAINVESTOR Magazine is the success it is today because of you – the subscribers. The magazine has a global subscriber base. No other publication to my knowledge creates such a buzz among businesses, professionals, customers, patients, and, of course, Investors.

L. Kyron, CPA, CGA



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