Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine May 2017 - Page 100

Strategic Partnership with GroBright

Key Deal Terms

•Partnering with GroBright to establish cannabis cultivation & extraction facilities

•Starting with an initial grow facilities in Nevada & Colorado

•GroBright to Finance the partnership by Issuing C$2,500,000 of secured Convertible Debentures

•GroBright will acquire a Nevada Provisional Cultivation License from Nutritional High for US$500,000

•GroBright will acquire a 50% interest in a property in Henderson Nevada acquired by Nutritional High for USD$1,100,000

•GroBright will lease land and a building from Nutritional High in Pueblo, Colorado and sublease to Palo Verde

•Nutritional High will enter into a long term purchase agreement with GroBright to buy trim

Strategic Vision for GroBright

Disrupt & Consolidate the Cannabis Industry: develop facilities across N.A with the most competitive cultivation model

Data-Driven and Fully-Automated: apply data-collection, automation, machine learning and advanced cultivation methodologies

Standardize -> Replicate -> Consolidate: Utilize proof-of-concept projects to refine SOPs and replicate model across N.A