Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 72

Again, MJ and MYM were selected due to their similar market caps, similar product lines at this time, late stage ACMRP, etc. If you are interested in late stage applicants then please start with the May issue for a good starting list as MJ and MYM are not the only ones from the May article to reward investors since that issue was published.

Matica Enterprises Inc (CSE:MMJ; OTC:MQPXF) realized an ROI gain in excess of 50% in one month and on June 20 exceeded 13M shares trading volume and with a market cap under $8M. Umbral Energy Corp (CSE:UMB; OTC:UMBBF) also realized an impressive share increase over the past few days. Namaste Technologies Inc was another one (CSE:N; OTC:NXTTF) referenced and has a similar market cap to MJ and MYM; however, its primary revenue source at this time is from being the world’s largest eSeller of Vaporizers. Namaste is specifically mentioned as its share price has not yet experienced an upward trend since May and Namaste has very impressive and growing revenues (almost $2M per quarter) and a market cap of $20M.

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