Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 71

Past, present, and future articles written by our Technical Analysis specialist, Dylan Rogers, teach you how to interpret the charts and numbers as well as how to identify the resistance levels and the signals of a trend fading or a new one forming.

MYM shows as 100% positive sentiment (STRONG BUY) whereas MJ shows as 56% positive sentiment (BUY). That sentiment changes constantly but is a good short term indicator as well as a longer term indicator “all things being equal” but as our quick summary on each has illustrated, all things can and will change for both companies and sooner than later. For some, participating in the MJ Crowdfunding moves MJ to STRONG BUY and to others not so much. The barchart images are from June 16th. On June 20th, MJ closed at $0.405 and MYM closed at $0.43. Since our May issue, that is an ROI of over 33% for MJ and 120% for MYM. Not bad for one month and you read it in these pages just ahead of the Health Canada announcement to accelerate and streamline the issuance of licenses. This is a good summary of MYM’s recent and near future undertakings (MYM SUMMARY). On June 23, MYM further expanded with its announced acquisition of CBD Brand Joshua-Tree and will rebranding the current HemMed products to the Joshua-Tree name.