Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 69

Much like in Case Study 1, you can add or subtract identifiers and metrics and assign your own weighting to each one. The snapshot above illustrates why I chose these two particular companies. They each have hemp lines (note: True Leaf’s is limited to the animal sector at this time) and both are in a latter stage of the ACMPR licensing process albeit MYM’s is through the acquisition of a controlling interest in Sublime Culture Inc and they have similar market caps.

One key distinction is True Leaf will have 100% ownership of the LP on approval whereas MYM at this time will have a minimal controlling interest. However, upon certain milestones being met, MYM’s ownership stake can increase to 90% of Sublime Culture Inc and 100% of the production facility.

Are we missing anything? Perhaps, as it all depends on the strategy of any given investor. For example, if an investor’s time horizon was past October 2017 by example, then one may consider the “crowdfunding” opportunity afforded by True Leaf whereby shares can be purchased for a lower share price ($0.25 was a previous stated value but it may change) subject to the hold period. There is also a low minimum investment. MYM on the other hand has been making profound management announcements including dedicated inhouse Investor Relations and on June 20th announced that it plans to build one of the largest greenhouse cannabis grow facilities in the world.