Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 68

There are of course many including companies already with sales to Nevada in Hemp products. Companies such as: Isodiol International Inc (CSE:ISOL); NYM Neutraceuticals (CSE:MYM; OTC:MYMMF); The Tinley Beverage Company (CSE:TNY; OTC:QRSRF); and True Leaf Medicine International Inc (CSE:MJ; OTC:TLFMF); There are others – many more.

If you are looking to add some foreign exposure, then there are many companies that trade on the OTC for you to consider such as Cannabis Sativa (OTC:CBDS) and Mcig (OTC:MCIG). But always take care when investing on the OTC because of higher risk. The SEC, on June 16, laid fraud charges against the CEO of CV Sciences Inc (OTC:CVIS) for transactions/events dating back to 2013.


In our May issue we presented the strategy for investing in this sector of targeting those companies in the latter stages of the ACMPR application process. To some, this is a high risk speculative strategy whereas others may discount that notion of speculative in light of the recent announcement by Health Canada to fast tract latter stage applicants. Pursuing this strategy when our issue published could have earned an ROI in excess of 120% in just one month in shares of MYM Neutraceuticals.

Our May issue lists several late stage applicants and one has been included already as part of Case Study #1 (TER). You are encouraged to review that May list as well as other similar companies. For this case study, we will quickly review two of them – True Leaf Medicine International Inc (CSE:MJ) and NYM Neutraceuticals Inc (CSE:MYM). These two were chosen due to their approaches in getting that elusive successful foothold in the industry.

Let's start with a basic grid of some key identifiers and metrics as at June 19.