Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 67

Retail Investor's Perspective

As the above six examples of recently listed companies indicate, the closer the listing date was to the time this article was written the less information was available (ie: fewer news releases etc). All are intriguing and are one of your case studies because although all are in the same industry and to a degree competing for the same investor dollars and customers, each is a unique company with a unique business plan and approach.

Your own biases may lead you towards ones pursuing one or more of: Hemp lines; international expansion; “home grow” market; or perhaps a targeted market whether it be seniors or those seeking a premium organic certified medication. Perhaps inclusion in the industry ETF is a criteria for some as that infers a high level of due diligence has been undertaken at an institutional level. The table that appeared at the start of this case study can then be expanded based on your own criteria and you could then assign weightings to different factors.


The jurisdiction where adults go to play is on the cusp of legalizing adult recreational marijuana. Companies listed in his case study are for your consideration only and you may know of or may discover more during your due diligence. The following companies have shares that trade on a Canadian exchange; however, there are others as well as the many US companies that trade on the OTC.

The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation (CSE:BCC; OTC:CBICF)

Marapharm Ventures Inc (CSE:MDM; OTC:MRPHF)

Golden Leaf Holdings (CSE:GLH; OTC:GLDFF)

Maple Leaf Green World (TSXV:MDW; OTC:MGWFF)

Deploy Technologies Inc (CSE:DEP; OTC:DPLY)

Friday Night Inc (CSE:TGIF; OTC:VPGDF)