Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 64

CASE STUDY 1 – Six of the New Kids on The Block

My style has always to be to no add “fluff” to case studies. That is truly why AbCann is the ideal case study this month. No fluff …no frills … what you see is what you get. To get us started, here is a May 3 report by PI Financial when shares of ABCN were at $0.80. PI set a one year price target of $2.25. On May 30, PI updated that report and assigned ABCN a one year price target of $2.40. Unfortunately, that May 30 report was not available in public domain at the time this was written but any google search will show its summary. Let’s start with a basic summary of the six – listed in Alpha order so as to not infer any bias.