Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 62


With OPSEU now covering the cost of medical marijuana (up to $3,000/yr) for its members and at least one LP (Aphria) in negotiations with at least one Local Union, one can speculate that it is a matter of time before medical marijuana is covered by employer, private, and perhaps even government benefits.

The day our May issue was released, shares of Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSXV:ACB; OTC:ACBFF) were halted. The next day, on May 26, the halt was lifted and the news - their major expansion into Germany. Spiro Sertsis has an article dedicated this month on Germany that I encourage you to read. On that same day, Health Canada announced the game-changing news governing the industry in preparation of the adult recreational market and in particular how it will be fast tracking those in the latter stages of the ACMPR processes including when a “grow and cultivate” license will be granted. Our May issue included content on ACB (including as a case study); the importance of Germany; and perhaps consider investing in companies in the latter stage of the ACMPR applicant process. CANNAINVESTOR Magazine connects the dots for our stakeholders as we sift through all of that data and transform it into meaningful value added forward looking information. It is impossible to get it right every time of course and those missteps feed into our ongoing modelling.

We all know CBD appears crucial for many medical applications. With this focus on

CBD, how long will it before we see production from Cannabis Ruderalis?

Industrial Hemp is another source of CBD but also has several other applications

ranging from hempcrete to food items to textiles. In past articles, we have

emphasized the importance for an LP to consider a Hemp line as it affords branding

and marketing that are otherwise forbidden in the cannabis industry. The Hemp

market also dwarfs the cannabis market. ACB announced a strategic investment in

Hempco Food and Fibre Inc (TSXV:HEMP; OTC:HMPPF). HEMP is no stranger to

investors in this industry as in November they announced that they would be

utilizing the patented technology of Lexaria Bioscience Corp (CSE:LXX; OTC:LXRP).

This is where it may, in time, get very interesting. Lexaria has entered into a Joint

a line of healthy, sugar-free, edible cannabinoid mouth-melt products which will

utilize Lexaria's patented technology and Neutrisci's proprietary pterostilbene tablet

form factor”. NU has stated it is looking to partner with LPs; LXX has entered into an

agreement with the National Research Council of Canada. Lexaria has been the

focus of past case studies and coverage and is this month’s feature company for

good reason. Another interesting one is a company that we introduced previously

but the time appears right for a quick revisit: NYM Neutraceuticals Inc (CSE:MYM;

OTC:MYMMF). MYM is included in Case Study#3 this month.

Venture with Neutrisci Intl Inc (TSXV:NU; OTC:NRXCF)to produce and commercialize