Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 58


This is not a new industry in the true sense but rather is the transformation of a multi-billion dollar black market industry. For those of you who took a challenging course in school or a demanding job, or some other similar undertaking, you know the fatigue that sets in due to the countless hours day after day of intense focus and concentration – and the stress of deadlines. Investing in this industry mirrors that stress for many and can be absolutely fatiguing and that was the sentiment of a recent article with respect to this industry. Each new listing (whether from an IPO, RTO, or an existing publicly company from an unrelated sector) adds to the work load of the prudent Retail Investor and all companies are competing for the same investment dollars. But to test the hypothesis that the overall bearish sentiment can be tracked to one company and a few individuals seeking their 15 minutes of fame for taking credit for it, then we should not expect the USA Industry’s index to mirror the sentiment of the Canadian market yet it does and that is owing to the same investor fatigue – uncertain direction from the Federal Government; the DEA seeming to effectively add Industrial Hemp to Schedule 1; Bills under consideration to relax existing constraints (banking etc); trailing legislation in same States; etc. As we can see from the chart of the US index, the overall bearish sentiment was universal.