Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 57


The bearish trend’s start date can be traced to that time in April – textbook. Those claiming that a subsequent event with respect to one company somehow caused a sector decline may have not realized when the actual decline began (about a full month prior). Noteworthy is that the unproven allegations about one company are with respect to its share structure and not with its business model. With the HC license granted to Sundial Growers on June 12, CBW now has five LPs it has arrangements with plus several other investments. There are also those with paid newsletters who are now using social media (I suppose as a form of advertising) to post how they stated in their publication (with a subscription fee) that they stated in early May that a correction was upon the industry.

Early May eh? Readers of CANNINVESTOR Magazine have known since issue#1 in April 2016 that the industry’s fortunes can and will change on a dime and investments as well as the industry require an unprecedented level of due diligence and continuous monitoring combined with the conviction to completely change investment approaches.