Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 56


However, for those that fully subscribe to the notion that this is a dot-com waiting to happen, CANNAINVESTOR Magazine assists you each month in navigating the minefield so at the end, you are invested in the MJ industry’s equivalent of Amazon or Apple. Investing in this sector is not for everyone so why not test your metal by entering the free CSE Cannabis Sector Stock Picking Challenge – contest starts July 3 but you can set up your account now.

An example an actual challenge may be for those Canadian companies with certain investments in the US where these companies also trade on the TSX/TSXV. It will be interesting to see how this plays out because these exchanges accepted their applications. In addition, US holdings are in those states where it is legal and the US Courts have ruled on state supremacy in these matters. This in adds to volatility and may contribute to investor fatigue. Fortunately, it is only a matter of time that the scientific evidence and medical benefits trump the agenda and policies of yesteryear (leukemia cells). Past content have been dedicated to the medical side and potential in humans and in animals. Studies such as this

Phase II COPD one by Tilray may prove groundbreaking.


Different analysts and pundits have offered different reasons for it. Some have pointed to the recent events with respect to Wheaton Income Corp (CSE:CBW; OTC;KWFLF). My article appearing in the current issue of the USA edition goes into more detail about these recent events with respect to CBW for those looking at more detailed coverage. There are those trying to take credit for being responsible for the recent adverse attention CBW has garnished and to then state that doing so has also led to the current market slide. Nothing of course could be further from reality other than such events may have exasperated the situation. The market decline can be traced back to around April 13. That is the date Bill-C45 was introduced. There are few things less conducive to attracting and retaining investment dollars than creating a framework that is restrictive, limiting, filled with regulations and despite that has an umbrella of uncertainty governing its distribution and supply management. Many companies also trade on the OTC meaning American investors, who typically are more skeptical towards such government involvement in an industry, may have also moved their investment dollars elsewhere