Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 53


-Foreign diversification and the risk that comes with it (example!).

-An ETF such as HMMJ or perhaps a mutual fund such as RAM420 or maybe through a private fund such as the Green Acre Fund.

-Time Horizon and investment objectives?

-Are they prepared to suspend all bias towards or against any company and be prepare to open, exit, and accumulate as necessary and with little notice?

-How much money can they afford to lose?


Usually by the end of that quick Q&A they have answered their own questions OR have realized that they may need to speak directly to a professional Investment Advisor that is expert with this industry. If you are in that latter group, please refer to the article within this issue written by Jason DeJean, CFP - his direct contact information is included. Past articles have touched on Private Placements – often said to be where the real money is to be made and particularly before a company goes public. Mr. DeJean has access to Private Placements and an account can be set up with Mr. DeJean from anywhere within Ontario.

The answer to that second question is far more difficult because of the tremendous amount of uncertainty the tabled legislation paradoxically created. I use the term paradoxically because the proposed legislation (Bill C-45) creates a very restrictive and highly regulated framework governing the adult recreational market when it becomes legal. A very restrictive and highly regulated framework appears at odds with the term “uncertainty”.

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