Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 190

Wrap it Up

As always I appreciate any commentary and or questions having to do with technical analysis and would appreciate feedback if one has it (negative or positive). I am reachable on twitter @dyro01676 and occasionally on as a contributor there as well. I will end this article by saying what has been a theme in this article: the daily charts are starting to show signs of a bottom but until these are reflected on weekly charts, I am not going crazy to call up my bank and increase my line of credit to get super long these stocks again. The Cannabis stocks have been a trader’s dream but long term investors have seen a lot of their profits disappear. My suggestion to anyone trading is to always know your downside and have targets on your upside. The last thing I’ll say for anyone interested in trading stocks is I highly suggest reading the book ‘What I learned Losing a Million Dollars” which is the favourite trading book I’ve ever read. Thanks again for reading my stuff!