Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 13


If you have not yet read the May “From the Retail Investor’s Perspective” article then now would be a good time as that article included content on the investment strategy of selecting late stage applicants. That strategy is somewhat revisited as Case Study #3 this month.

The bearish sentiment that commenced upon the introduction of Bill C-45 appears to be either slowing or potentially reversing. Time will tell but now more than ever is the time to keep on top of not only your investments but also your strategy. There are two industries forming – one is medical/scientific and the other is recreational and at this time the same producers will supply each. That does not include the potential global trillion dollar Hemp market. No one said it would be smooth sailing.

There are share prices of companies, included in that aforementioned strategy of considering latter stage AMCPR applicants, that have done quite well since we published that strategy just one month ago (MYM alone has had a one month ROI in excess of 120%).

I encourage you to read our exclusive interview with the president of Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp that appears in this issue and also please welcome Tiffany Knautz as a contributing writer this month and her article is a change from our typical Investor focus; however, it is the scientific and medical research and application that will drive the fortunes of many companies. Also contributing this month is none other than Scott Jordan who is no stranger to the industry and is often a presenter at conferences and expos.

If you missed the BTV episode that highlighted five Canadian companies, including LXX (our feature company this month), then I encourage you to do so at your leisure. Other sources for information for the astute investor may be found in the pages of our sister publications (CannaConsumer Magazine, Black Marijuana Magazine, and of course the US edition of CannaInvestor Magazine).

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