Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 108


Enormous potential for Canadian licensed producers looking to export. In Canada, exports will be allowed “as long as they meet the strict regulatory requirements,” said Bill Blair, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and one of the leading representatives of the federal government on cannabis legalization. In perhaps an oxymoron, heavy regulatory guidelines in Canada seem to benefit Canadian licensed producers in entering foreign markets for cannabis, who themselves must adhere to restrictive policies on quality, production, and the like. Fears surrounding legalization and Canada’s violation of UN treaties have been minimized as the government’s opinion is that “its highly regulated regime, as well as restrictions on some exports and use by minors, keeps it onside…we believe this enables us to uphold and maintain our obligations under those treaties”, as Bill Blair reiterated recently.

Tilray, a global leader in medical cannabis research and production, announced recently that it has become the first medical cannabis producer in North America to be GMP certified in accordance with the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. As North America’s only GMP certified medical cannabis producer, Tilray is uniquely positioned to expand distribution of its pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products to patients, physicians, pharmacies, hospitals and researchers in new markets around the world

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