Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 107



A recent Handelsblatt Global article entitled “Germany Going to Pot” quoted Dortmund Technical University professor Oliver Kayser, dean of the biological and chemical engineering department, and pharmaceutical expert, noting the enormous market potential for medical marijuana in Germany could be upwards of 800,000 potential users. This was backed by the German Hemp Association. That is more than four times the approximately 170,000 registered medical marijuana users in Canada. Overly ambitious numbers? Perhaps. Maybe a more accounting friendly analysis, Maximilian Plenert, regularly invited as an expert in medical cannabis by the German Bundestag, estimates that approximately 175,000 patients is realistic. An excellent synopsis of his reasoning is provided for in article entitled “The Long Wait for Medical Cannabis in Germany” and explains that:

“The quantity of cannabis, which a patient received on average per day, was four grams in 2014 in Canada and is now 2.7 grams. The number of patients developed parallel to the quantity sold of cannabis. In mid-2014 it was 7,914 people in Canada and as of mid-2016 was 75,166. The proportion of patients in the population of Canada is slightly above 0.2%. In Germany, there are 0.001% of inhabitants who have a medical license so far. As a first approximation, one can transfer values to Germany. The number of inhabitants is higher (in Germany) by a factor of 2.3. This makes 175,000 patients in Germany soon, compared to Canadian circumstances.”