Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 102

CCIM: Thank you for your addressing the above as investors are looking for a level of comfort and confidence in CBW with respect to recent events. The day after that financing was terminated, you announced a $50M Private Placement with instruments that will appeal to an array of investors and strategies - instruments such as units, warrants, special warrants, and convertible debentures. Why such a diverse offering of instruments?

CBW: I think it is important to note that the terms of the securities being offered in the current financing are structured the exact same as the securities in the previous financing. The only things that have changed are the price per unit (from $1.15 per unit to $1.00 per unit) and the underwriters. Many institutional investors in the cannabis space invest by way of convertible debentures so that aspect of our financing was structured that way to allow their participation. The special warrants (which convert to a share and a share purchase warrant) are aimed at high net worth investors who will appreciate the broader warrant coverage.

CCIM: Is this Private Placement available to only Accredited Investors?

CBW: Accredited Investors and other available private placement exemptions.

CCIM: Again, thank you for your time. Is there anything you would like to add such as pertinent contact information or any other important information that investors should know?

CBW: Thank you Louis, I really appreciate the time. Anyone who wants to learn more about the company can visit our website or reach out to us at I am really looking forward to this exciting new chapter in my career and continuing to build this incredible new industry with our streaming partners and friends.