Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 101


With respect to the second bet, I think those who are close to the cannabis industry understand the incredible team that we’ve assembled. Every member of the team is an industry expert in their respective field and, above all, we are all team players who have a demonstrated ability to build relationships and add value.

CIM: That being said, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed. On June 5th, the Financial Post ran an article titled "Cannabis Wheaton scraps $80M financing deal citing ‘false’ attempts to ‘discredit the company’ ...". Can you advise on what the false attempts were and how they contributing to the scrapping of this financing deal?

CBW: Without going into particulars, there are industry participants (which would include the media) who have taken issue with certain aspects of CBW’s capital structure and have disseminated information that was either factually incorrect or misleading. Whatever real or purported agenda those participants have for doing so is their own business. What we’re focused on is executing our business model.

CCIM: The alleged false statements appear to have grown out of an incorrect report that was subsequently fully retracted and an apology to CBW issued. There are those on bulletin boards and social media purporting to be responsible for, shall we say, educating their followers, and perhaps may be seen as perpetuating the contents or basis of that "incorrect reporting" for their own purposes - but clearly to the detriment of shareholders and the industry as a whole. Would that be a fair assessment and do you have anything to add?

CBW: As I noted above, I’m not spending my bandwidth on the allegations or the participants making the allegations. My focus is squarely on business of CBW and how I can create value for our streaming partners and our investors. Everything else is noise.

CCIM: Can you advise if any investigations may have expanded to third parties whether it be the CSE or authorities?

CBW: The question is a bit misleading. One of the allegations put forth by a blogger was that CBW was under investigation by the RCMP. I can categorically confirm that CBW is not and to our knowledge has not been the subject of an RCMP investigation or any other investigation by law enforcement or other regulatory agency. The allegation was pure fiction.