Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine July / August 2017 - Page 100

For example, AbCann’s cultivation methodology and their use of customized Conviron environments and their operating history make them less risky from and infrastructure and operational perspective – i.e. the risk of rapidly scaling operations is diminished.

CCIM: As a reminder to existing and prospective investors, what investments can you share that CBW has in the industry and with who?

CBW: All of CBW’s business interests can be reviewed in its recently filed revised AIF which can be accessed at

CCIM: Does CBW have any or intend to expand into international investments and partnerships?

CBW: We are certainly open to it and did explore a potential transaction in Germany. That being said, we believe that there is plenty to do here at home in Canada in the next 36 months and our core focus is to help our streaming partners establish leading positions in the domestic Canadian market.

CCIM: Given the recent turmoil and volatility in the market, and with CBW in particular,why invest in CBW?

CBW: Without providing investment advice, the CBW value proposition is essentially a bet on two things. First, that the Canadian cannabis marketplace is going to be in a supply constrained environment for the foreseeable future and second, that the CBW management team: (a) can execute on the streaming agreements currently in place; and (b) that has the requisite cannabis industry expertise to ensure that its streaming partners have a strategic advantage in the marketplace. I know opinions differ as to the length of time before supply catches up with demand, but I haven’t heard anyone take the view that this will be anytime soon. The numbers on anticipated demand are staggering and there is nowhere near the production capacity (current or announced) online to supply that demand.