Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 90


rinse and repeat. Start ignoring and unfollowing such noise and navigate only to trusted news sources and websites and before long your homepage (etc) is nice and clean and free their clutter. The most trusted sources for actual news that I can think of outside of our publications include: stock exchanges, SEDAR, company websites, sedi (for insider traders),, investorshub, and stockhouse. Do you honestly think users on social with clever handles and names or thousands of followers really have your best interest in mind? Anyone spreading doom and gloom or suggesting you put on their rose-tinted glasses – just go into your settings and block them and tell others to do the same. It is that simple. “Avoidance” in this case is an easy yet optimal strategy.

On August 9th, shares of DOJA Cannabis Company Limited (CSE:DOJA) commenced trading and the usual characters were tweeting every penny movement. On that same date shares of Scythian Biosciences (also commenced trading and this is an Aphria investee that is also an ACMPR applicant and I tweeted this out as there was little point commenting on the one (DOJA). SCYB is a new listing, an investee of Aphria, low market cap, relatively low share count, and is an ACMPR applicant – that certainly does sound like just the company the prudent retail investor could consider further due diligence on.

To come full circle, the forward-thinking progressive Retail Investor should also be keeping a watchful eye on the terrain. For example, the TMX group of companies continues with its ongoing review process with respect to those companies with cannabis related investments in the USA given that cannabis is illegal federally in the USA and always remember that recreational cannabis is not legal in Canada either. One would like to believe that any such company with US operations and is operating legally within the individual states where the US judiciary has already ruled on the individual state’s supremacy in such matters plus recent money bills will not unaffected The CSE, arguably the world’s choice exchange for the industry, confirmed its own position in no uncertain terms.

However, volatility due to this potential and significant Ecoforming event weighs. We have emphasized the importance of diversification and for some that may include ensuring they invest in companies that have diversified only into fully legal jurisdictions because each Retail Investor has their own unique risk profile and tolerance, A dynamic Investment Analysis form would assist the typical retail investor navigate the Ecoforming shock waves and one such form has been created and access to it is free and it can be downloaded – simply pull up the current issue of our US edition and navigate to my article or click here. One could add “legality of cannabis” as a manual input to the forms. In these turbulent times, CannaInvestor