Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 89

Retail Investor's Perspective

Strategies for consideration appear daily and can be found easily on industry standard sites such as marijuana index. For example, this recent four company compilation by smallcap power is worth a read. All four companies are no strangers to our readers from past and current content but what is key is how others, such as smallcap power, are focussing more on this industry and that is just one more form of third party validation and the retail investor needs to recognize that increased attention from these other legitimate value-added sources. The first company on their list is Cannabix Technologies Inc (CSE:BLO; OTC:BLOZF) and this company is working towards a field operational portable THC breathalyzer. Critics point out that the science for pinpoint measuring of THC is currently non-existent; however, Bill C-45 and supporting legislation clearly state that any amount of THC is not permitted while driving; therefore, this unit meets the requirements so long as the technology does not yield false positive results. As science for detecting and reporting progresses, the allowable amount of THC in one’s body may also move upwards from zero. Other uses for this technology range from sports venues, travel (airplanes, etc). work, school, etc.

Another strategy is to start clicking ignore and unfollow. From past articles, you know how to identify them – multiple user IDs; likely created one or more websites where they post industry news and direct their social media traffic to their sites; name brand “identity theft” sites to confuse and misdirect; and so forth. Often such persons start posting multiple times about a company and over an extended period. They may use other accounts or maybe there are others in on it (or worse, believe the posts are sincere and without bias) who reply favourably or even repost the original message (“retweet” on Twitter for example). The huckster will mix in news about other companies and likely companies they are sour on (with negative comments) and before long the combined postings resemble the Monty Hall Problem. And before you know it, they have moved on to another company …. rinse and repeat. Start ignoring and unfollowing such noise and navigate only to trusted news sources and websites and before long your homepage (etc) is nice and clean and free their clutter. The most trusted sources for actual news that I can think of outside of our publications include: stock exchanges, SEDAR, company websites, sedi (for insider traders),, investorshub, and stockhouse. Do you honestly thinking users on social with clever handles and names or thousands of followers really have your best interest in mind? Anyone spreading doom and gloom or suggesting you put on their rose-tinted glasses – just go into your settings and block them and tell others to do the same. It is that simple. “Avoidance” in this case is an easy yet optimal strategy.