Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 88


What might first appear, to the untrained eye, as three underperforming share prices when compared to the other four in the late stage applicant strategy (ROI of those other four each in excess of 150% [3 over 250%] in less than two months) may actually be an opportunity to consider these three companies based on undertaking further due diligence. As an aside, never consider double digit ROI over a two month span during a bearish period as “underperforming”. It is only within the context of comparing those specific seven companies and over that brief time frame.

To date, our forward thinking anticipatory approach combined with connecting the dots has been successful. In our last issue, while others were wondering when the bottom would be reached, we took the contrary approach that in fact it had been reached and an upward swing was likely commencing. A popular influencer and analyst of the US sector recently included in an email to his subscribers an opinion piece stating that the Canadian market had bounced back. Further, the writer specifically referenced more than sixteen companies that are already on our Stock Pick lists and in our articles/content including five that were specifically focused on and included in either our “New Kids on the Block” case study last month or as specific companies for you to consider in our previous issue - one of the companies, ABCN, is on our current cover.

On August 23, 2017 ABCN opened the market

Third party after the fact validation is good proof of any forward looking (predictive) hypothesis. Being a source for others to use for their own published material speaks volumes about our inhouse expertise and proprietary modelling that our own subscribers are the first to benefit from.

Articles such as this recent CBC one validate that medical marijuana continues to be prescribed to new patients at an increasing rate. Marijuana is often cited as a safe and effective alternative to more costly pharmaceuticals with an array of side effects.

Another strategy is to review past content and case studies within CannaInvestor Magazine (US and Canadian). For example, one of our first case studies (May 2016) was The Tinley Beverage Company that subsequently returned 1814% in less than six months. This company is now garnishing the eyes of others. A brief review of Tinley appears as a case study elsewhere in this magazine. And do not lose site of Neutrisci International Inc (TSXV:NU; OTC:NXFCF) and I encourage you to look at their current news releases that includes distribution of Ambarii Corp (JV with LXX) CBD melts in Japan and South Korea as well as their own products into several Asian countries.