Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 87

Retail Investor's Perspective

The total of 24 companies in the tables above have common elements/markers and I believe that is not by coincidence and identifying these common elements allows the prepared retail investor to recognize them in other companies.

The common markers:

- Off the radar. Not being an obvious client of

promoters/influencers may be a factor.

- Low market caps when compared to revenues.

- Forecast increase in revenues.

- Primary revenue source to date is not from

cannabis directly.

- Included in a CannaInvestor Magazine Stock

Pick List.

- Expansion planned into projected growing areas

of the economy.

- Top management teams.

- Strategic partnerships and relationships.

- And more!

Will this strategy be as successful as our other recently recommended strategies? Time will tell but this strategy can be integrated into those other strategies as there is overlap in some companies such as CHV and N (late stage applicant strategy and market caps/revenues strategy - Namasté also with respect to an International based strategy).

It will be difficult to do better than the 150% ROI over just few months during a bearish market that our pioneering late stage ACMPR applicant strategy earned. Look at that list closely and you will notice that the three with the lowest share price increases were MJ, N, and PUF. Namaste was discussed above. MJ has increasing sales and markets and both PUF and UMB are part of the Canopy Growth CraftGrow as boutique growers. PUF has subsequently launched its nutraceutical cannabidiol ("CBD") product line and also announced a 300% expansion in size to its growing facility.