Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 86


Of the several different companies in the above tables, only one had a negative change in share price. All three strategies had vast superior ROI to the referenced benchmarks. For those interested in new exchange listings, DOJA Cannabis Company (CSE:DOJA) may be worth looking at as well as Scythian Biosciences Corp (TSXV:SCYB).

A strategy we hinted at last issue and will now explore further is that of investing in those companies with impressive revenues combined with seemingly low share prices and by extension market capitalisation. Isodiol International Inc and Namaste Technologies Inc were specific references in that issue but both companies are no strangers to these pages and have been discussed previously (ISOL was previously Laguna Blends Inc). Much like the other strategies referenced above, how many times have you since seen others talking about companies such as Isodiol? One popular social media blogger declared ISOL was now a “real company” based on its jaw dropping quarterly results. CannaInvestor Magazine Subscribers of course have known all along. Much like the companies referenced in other strategies, all companies referenced are a subset only as there are others one can find and investigate on one’s own and there is no investment recommendation being stated or inferred.

A summary of these seven “revenues and market caps” companies appears as a case study elsewhere in this issue.