Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 84


It appears that this forward-thinking strategy provided tremendous opportunities for the prepared Retail Investor. It is little wonder the flood of others who subsequently recommended a similar strategy to their own followers with one popular social media presence not recommending ISOL until it was well over $0.30. As one would expect, ISOL’s share price run cooled off and those buying at those higher prices missed out this time. Umbral Energy Corp (CSE:UMB; OTC:UMBBF) subsidiary Phyeinmed joined the Canopy Grow Family on or about August 8 PUF Ventures Inc (CSE:PUF; OTC:PUFXF) had previously joined but subsequent to when we suggested the strategy of considering investing in late state ACMPR applicants and provided the shortlist. We also recommended one consider investing in companies in Germany and that summary follows:

One could argue that a few in the first list above should also appear in the Germany list (ISOL, MJ, MYM) but I did not want to start duplicating companies but yes there is overlap across a few different strategies. Aphria Inc is not on that list because they are not actively in Germany but they have stated that German expansion is very much on their radar and in fact announced a global strategic partnership. On our proprietary metrics top stock list, Aphria has consistently been in the top 3 and often included in our content since April 2016 (USA edition) for good reason. Much like the first strategy, it is little wonder that others subsequently brought attention to their own audiences on the merits of investing in Canadian companies with an existing/planned presence in Germany. The article written by Spiro Sertsis (Germany – “Sprichst du Deutsch”) in our July issue has unparalleled breadth and depth. A strategy that appeared in the case studies from our list issue focused on new listings of LPs: