Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 83

Retail Investor's Perspective

This editorial in the Globe and Mail is perhaps the most balanced and well written on this situation and also serves as a text book example of Ecoforming. Time will tell how this plays out. The title of my article in the current US edition is “The road is clear but the path is not”. How timely. Ecoforming events on either side of the 49th are creating turbulence. I like to think of the 49th parallel as the Cosmic Curtain of the North American industry and on one side of the curtain is the Great White North.

We recently suggested a few strategies to consider. One suggested strategy was to invest in companies that were either late stage ACMPR applicants themselves, acquiring a late state AMCPR applicant, or were otherwise involved in value added recent/proposed M&A activity. A quick summary of some of the companies we referenced and the share price when that issue was published follows along with the highest share price since that date (up to August 4).