Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 218


using our content for their own subscribers/followers. Some of these companies are also included as samples on the dynamic interactive investment analysis form I created for subscribers. Access to that form can be found in my article and in the current US edition.

You may recall a strategy from a recent issue that suggested one could consider investing in companies before their shares are listed and a few such companies were given as examples. Another such Ontario company has their dealer’s license, is a late stage ACMPR applicant, has a wholesale agreement with Aphria (up to 25,000 plants), and so much more and the May corporate presentation can be found as a link in my letter from the editor. Their subsequent merger was indeed about synergies and positioning themselves in the industry (source). For those who follow me on twitter, I tweeted about this a while back. What I like about their corporate presentation is that its content is applicable to the entire industry. Investment opportunities before a company is listed and the dealer license combined with the Aphria wholesale agreement with Aphria may suggest revenues.

And as always … until next time invest long and prosper and do not take investment advice from anonymous posters on social media with user-names that sound more suited to the square circle of wrestling or children’s TV shows. Ignore and avoid these manipulators and hucksters – they all reference one another and congratulate one another because many just may be either the same person and/or are collaborating with one another. Just avoid the noise and nonsense – you will sleep better too.

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