Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 217


- Emerald has significant cannabis industry experience, including a portfolio of high-quality genetics and refined standard operating procedures, with a flawless record of operations under Health Canada's stringent ACMPR regime.

- The joint venture has the potential to have access to up to 4.8 million square feet of greenhouse cannabis production (estimated to yield more than 300,000 kg of product annually), which would supply a considerable portion of the expected future cannabis demand in Canada or for export abroad.

- The joint venture expects its production will address a diverse array of cannabis products, including dried cannabis and quality inputs for extraction-based products, currently the fastest growing segment in the Canadian medical cannabis market and expected to be a meaningful part of the non-therapeutic adult-use market.

- Village Farms remains committed to its existing greenhouse produce business and customers.

Details about the JV can be found here.

Village Farms may just be the diversification that some are looking for with an added comfort of those large growing revenues and relatively low market capitalization. Others may see this is a reason to consider investing in EMH.

Have a look at different companies in our content and on our various stock pick lists and look at their share, market cap, revenues, and news/trends – your case study just may be to discover a value priced company. The chart in my article with these companies listed had their most recent quarterly revenues only. You could quickly re-run the model annualizing those revenues factoring in any acquisitions, projections, subsequent revenue reports, period over period changes, etc and then compare the market cap to annual revenue but remember to add any shares issued on acquisitions or outstanding financings. Combine the strategies! AbCann is our cover this month and has been included in past content and case studies - boasts a relatively ow market cap with licenses to cultivate and sell (dry and oils) and is organic (niche market). At time of writing, ABCN has a market cap under $86M with growing revenues and clients. Please refer to the full coverage of ABCN located elsewhere in this issue as well as our last issue.

As always, no company referenced requested its inclusion in my article or case study. Companies included in these are for illustrative purposes only and are not investment advice of any kind. It is best to give real examples because you can validate the hypothesis after the fact just as those who subsequently copy us do by