Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 215


- They made strategic industry investments starting in 2016 and achieved strong returns.

- Diversified geographically.

- Not only does this company have a relatively low market cap and low number of issued and outstanding shares (23M) but they had a recent share buyback program. Will another be announced soon?

- History of earnings. Their current loss is driven by the loss of the value of investments. According to their new release dated May 29th, it was a one-time write off of a past investment. The amount remains recoverable but unexpected.

- Regular dividends! Their most recent quarterly dividend and share price translates into a 4.2% yield. Since 2014, the amount of the dividend has increased.

- Here is where CannaInvestor Magazine connects the dots for our subscribers and contributes to the reason why Quinsam is included. For those unfamiliar with Nutritional High International Inc (CSE:EAT; OTC:SPLIF; FRA:2NU), you are encouraged to refer to our May issue where there is detailed coverage including access to their investor deck:

Committed to purchase shares and warrants in the capital of I-5 Cannabis Holdings Limited, a company that is acquiring a number of companies active in California and Washington in growing, extraction and dispensing of cannabis products. We understand that I-5 is hoping to go public in the coming months. "Two of the directors at I-5 - John MacPhail and Brock Daem - have significant experience in Canadian small cap markets," said Roger Dent, CEO of Quinsam. "I have confidence in their ability to create a successful public company. We think that our going-in valuation is compelling and we expect the company to move forward with a listing in 2017."

Quinsam had previously announced its intention to acquire a stake in a US based company intending to enter the US cannabis cultivation business, tentatively named GroBright. GroBright has an agreement to utilize the licences currently held by Nutritional High, which does not use them for cultivation. This investment has now closed and has been implemented through a purchase of convertible debentures and warrants in the capital of Lakeside Minerals Inc., a company which was previously listed in the TSX-V. Quinsam expects that Lakeside will apply to list its shares on a Canadian exchange in 2017.

For those of you that follow the industry closely, there has been much speculation about Nutritional High’s Lakeside Minerals intent to build a cultivation facility in each of Colorado and Neveda. Quinsam and GroBright may be the pieces of the puzzle you were missing as evidenced by a lack of relevant mention on boards and social medial Connecting the dots so you don’t have to is always your CannaInvestor Magazine advantage and why Quinsam is included in this case study.