Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 211


Without doubt, one of the more challenging ones to analyze because it is the world's largest e-retailer of vaporizers. Its recent international expansion and acquisitions has created intangible assets (goodwill), foreign currency gains and losses, large one time expenses, and the usual costs associated with integrating acquired companies. A market cap of $39M as at July 21st with estimated annual revenues in excess of $15M that are increasing significantly month over month. Namaste was specifically selected as a sample investment analysis form in our US edition with this in mind – to assist Retail Investors. A link to that dynamic investment analysis form that self populates from online sources appears in the US edition as well as in my article in this publication. Recent highlights for Namaste include:

- Included in the CannaInvestor Magazine Top Stock Pick List.

- Records (yet again) month over month record breaking sales. SOURCE

- Closes deal to acquire 100% of CannMart Inc – late stage ACMPR applicants for a sales license.. SOURCE


MYM was a focus of a case study last month and the reduction in short positions may signal an end to any bearish sentiment. On August 1st ISOL had the largest shortest position on the CSE – an increase 97.4%. The share price of ISOL retreated from $0.43 on July 31st to a low of $0.34 on August 1st (20.9%!). AND like text book the manipulators took to bulletin boards and social media referring to it is a “pump and dump”. The share price returned to the $0.40 range. Text book manipulation that the prepared Retail Investor avoided (or perhaps took advantage of). The regular characters popping up promoting a stock on social media and bulletin boards may just be a sign that they believe that the pool of greater fools during the share price escalation is thinning. Looking at ISOL “logically” it increased from $0.12 on May 25 (the date we included it in a strategy) to $0.45 on August 1st (275% increase) and in fact more than doubled in a week between July 24 and July 31st. The fallback in share price coupled with the dramatic increase in short positions should not have been a surprise.

What is fascinating about ISOL is that the market cap went from $20M to $41M in five days once the financials were officially released on day 1 of that run (July 24) yet the “news release” about those financials was out and known two weeks prior and this company has been referenced several times in our publication. Ahead of the pack and connecting the dots in advance so you don’t have to will always be just one of the many CannaInvestor Magazine advantages.