Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 203


Retail Investor's Perspective

- Announced that it has begun work towards permitting under California’s Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA).

- Collective Evolution selected Hemplify as the only beverage in the top five hemp products in America. I personally contacted those that put that list together to see if there was any producer influence in the selection process and there was none. A neutral process was used in determining the list.

- According to TNY’s most recent corporate presentation, they have an eye on expansion outside California as a second step (Nevada, Canada, Germany, and Mexico specifically listed as examples).

- Consistently on one of the stock pick lists of CannaInvestor Magazine (US edition and/or Canadian edition) for approximately a year and transitioned this month from the Canada’s “Stocks to Watch List” to the “Top 25 Stock Pick List (Proprietary Metrics)”.

The above milestones met or even exceeded the expectations of most and in less than one year since Hemplify hit the shelves. Online sales have also been positive. It is nice to see that others have taken notice of TNY such as SmallCap Power.

What impressed me then and still impresses me to this day is that their publicity is understated and has substance, and seldom has the "fluff" that so many junior companies put out just to get attention. Perhaps the most notorious example was when they placed their product in over 20 7-Eleven stores, barely 4 months after the product first launched, and merely grouped it with a bunch of other updates in another press release and just referred to it as a "major convenience store chain". Before you knew it, they were in over 100 stores including some of LA's hottest retailers. Cannot help but wonder if the same will happen with their dispensary account when their THC drinks get produced in scale. Even with this understated PR approach, where press releases can be few and far between, their stock has managed to perform, and I'm sure the recent lull in releases will conclude in the coming weeks with some solid achievements. Perhaps even another late summer or autumn run. One could consider if shares are worth picking up some during the PR lull. A low market cap and growing revenues for TNY sets the tone for our next case study.