Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 199

CCIM: If you could once more summarize in just one paragraph to our subscribers … why CHV?

CHV: Simply put, I don’t believe the market is currently giving any value to our MFT clinics division or to Knalysis Technologies.

We expect next year both of these divisions’ profits will be noticed if the markets are “rational”. This, together with Abba Medix getting a License to Sell, may well make today’s investor a happy person.

CCIM: Thank you for your time and if there is anything you like our subscribers to know that we did not touch on please do so now.

CHV: Nope, I must thank you for your time and interest in CHV!

CCIM: Thank you again … and where can our readers, many of which are investors; have prescriptions or are considering medical marijuana, find out more?

CHV: TI suggest giving them a call to set up an appointment for yourself or for someone that you care about.

I suggest that you go to to find clinics in other parts of Canada.